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Active Content Manager

Active Content Manager (ACM) is being developed to address the problem that exists today of updating content of a web site. Internet technology has evolved very quickly with little emphasis being given to providing a way for non-technical people to maintain or publish the content of a web site. Currently, Webmasters are usually responsible for updating the content of most web sites.

We believe that any non-technical person with the appropriate responsibility should be able to publish and maintain the content on a web site. ACM makes this a possibility by classifying and categorizing web content and providing a convenient interface to add or update content. ACM provides a mechanism to preview what the new content will look like and then automates the process of publishing to the online site.

ACM will provide the following immediate web publishing capabilities with more to come:

www.courthouseonline.com currently provides the following courthouse features:

We are completing the high-level design of ACM and will be architecting the database to support the system. As soon as the high-level design is completed, I will be able to estimate the effort required to complete the first revision of ACM.

There are obvious implications of this technology for many type of websites.  As a foundation component of www.courthouseonline.com we can leverage this technology from the e-government arena to other markets.

For more information contact us at info@courthouseonline.com.